Add-On Devices Available:

Door / Window Sensor  Magnetic switch attached to a door
or window to signal that it is open or closed.

Garage Door Sensor  Heavy duty door switch for overhead or sliding doors.

Tilt Sensor Mercury switch installed on valuables to indicate movement.

Shock Sensor Typically used to detect glass breakage on fixed windows or full glass doors.

Pressure Sensor  A pad which can detect weight being applied or removed.

Motion Detector Senses motion in a given area. Can be wall or ceiling mounted with several coverage patterns available.  Some models specifically designed for homes with pets.

Motion Beam Indoor and outdoor detection of an object passing thru the point to point beam.

Temperature Sensor Monitor temperature sensitive areas such
as an outbuilding or walk-in freezer.

 Water Sensor   Alerts you if water becomes present where it shouldn’t be.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Senses the air in your home or business for dangerous levels of the poisonous gas.

Smoke Detector Automatically notify the fire department, whether you’re at home or away.
Most insurance companies offer a discount for homes with a monitored fire system.

Heat Detector Detect a fire in areas where smoke detection is impractical, such as your garage, kitchen or mechanical room.