Cellular Technology Upgrades Coming SoonThe end of the standard telephone service as it applies to your alarm service.The End of 2G

Cellular Technology Upgrades Coming Soon

Cellular Technology Upgrades Coming Soon Cellular communication has evolved as the most efficient, most secure and most reliable form of data transmission for the alarm industry. For our equipment to operate properly, and provide emergency services when needed, we must stay up to date with current communication technology. Therefore, all burglary and fire alarm panels…
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The End of 2G

2G PHASING OUT In the hectic, day-to-day routine of your busy life, a deadline some three years in the future might seem like light years away. So worrying about the fact that, come New Year’s Day in 2017, 2G (GPRS) service from wireless carrier AT&T will not be available for alarm communications, may not be…
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